Re: [dev] st: bracketed paste mode

From: v4hn <>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 01:07:23 +0200

Just wanted to say thanks (for a change ;) )!

This is one of the many tiny quirks I never bothered
to look into but always found annoying!
Now I at least know how to work around that.


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 05:12:58PM +0100, Raphaƫl Proust wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Egmont Koblinger <> wrote:
> >> Could you put an example when it is useful?
> Vim has a special mode for that. See :h 'paste' for more details, including:
> Put Vim in Paste mode. This is useful if you want to cut or copy
> some text from one window and paste it in Vim. This will avoid
> unexpected effects.
> Setting this option is useful when using Vim in a terminal, where Vim
> cannot distinguish between typed text and pasted text. In the GUI, Vim
> knows about pasting and will mostly do the right thing without 'paste'
> being set. The same is true for a terminal where Vim handles the
> mouse clicks itself.
> It avoids autoindentation, but also some keyboard mappings.

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