[dev] [dmenu] Next release

From: Chris Down <chris_AT_chrisdown.name>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 16:41:30 +0800

Right now it is not possible to use dwm HEAD with the latest versioned state of
dmenu, since dwm now passes "-m" as part of dmenucmd, but dmenu 4.5 doesn't
contain this option yet (it's in dmenu HEAD).

Obviously it's quite easy to remove -m from dmenucmd in latest HEAD, but that
defeats the entire point of the patch brought forward with 6af27377, since we
now actually do stuff inside spawn() with dmenumon.

As dwm is generally compiled using HEAD, but dmenu is much more common to be
seen being used through the distribution's packages, which don't track HEAD, is
it possible to release the next version of dmenu some time soon (or, at the
worst case, before the next version of dwm is tagged)?

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