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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 17:45:20 +0300

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 04:08:52PM +0200, Manolo Martínez wrote:
> On 10/18/13 at 05:01pm, Edgaras wrote:
> > > On 16/10/2013, Jochen Sprickerhof <> wrote:
> > > > I've implemented a (limited) scrollback buffer for st. Thanks to v4hn
> > > > for testing and improving first versions.
> > >
> > As for scrollback in terminal, at first it seemed very annoying as I was uses
> > to it. But after using st without that I really dont see much need for that,
> > and would consider it bloat, since it is already implemented in other places.
> >
> > Lets go about them for a bit.
> >
> > There are multiplexers >
> > Next we have TUI apps like irssi or VIM where scrollback in terminal makes no
> > sense for them, since they handle it themselves. >
> > And so there is less, for paging pure CLI programs. There is also file
> > redirection.
> One very important case in favour of a scrollback buffer, which isn't
> covered
> by any of your workarounds, that I can see, is interactive
> environments such as, say, ncftp, or REPLs.
> Manolo

Well shell is interactive environment too.

Anyways for such environments one usually can rerun commands to redisplay
needed information (I know it is not always the case). So there is that.

One could also argue that maybe thats a problem with those application, as in
they could have some better way to integrate with shell and its utilities for
handling stdin/stdout.

Still that is valid point, but I still don't agree that terminal should handle
scrollback. Also there is a lot of habit to using scrollback as I said
previously. From the time I got pi, I mostly use it at home, and only terminals
I use are st and linux tty, in non of those I have scrollback. And I got used
to this.

Admittedly one thing that might let me do this is my font size, in fullscreen I
have >90 lines visible so I guess that might reduce my need for scrollback.
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