Re: [dev] Some thoughts about XML

From: Alexander S. <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 03:44:34 +0400

2013/10/24 Mihail Zenkov <>:
> 2013/10/23, Alexander S. <>:
>>> I'm confused as to what is wrong with the .ini style configurations.
>>> They're not just used in Windows, they're used in many other places that
>>> require simple, easy to use configurations. Python uses it, there are C
>>> api's for it, etc.
>>> So what problem do you have with a .ini file?
>> They are okay for simple config files. They are the opposite of okay
>> for a markup language.
> Why?
<li> Lack of proper hierarchy, for one;
<li> Lack of proper heterogenous containers, for two;
<li><b>The most important one</b>:
lack of multiline strings.
Try to express something as simple as <i>my answer</i> (which is
rather trivial HTML snippet) in .ini format.
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