Re: [dev] Suckless remote shell?

From: Alexander S. <>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 04:27:26 +0400

2013/11/6 Dmitrij D. Czarkoff <>:
> Alexander S. wrote:
>>The implicit conversion removal is a good example of how much C is
>>reliant on a weak type system. They have to break it in C++, at least
>>partially, and imo, weak type systems are just bad taste.
> Indeed they are in high level languages. C is a low level language, and its type system is barely a representation of hardware properties.

There were wonderful times when any language that had "while" at its
disposal was known as high-level one.
If by "representation of hardware properties" you mean "providing an
easy way to really mess things up", then, yes, such a type system
would be necessary for representing hardware properties. (Today I met
people, they were so confused, that they were writing stuff like
`*(pointer + i * sizeof(int))`, where `pointer` was, of course, int *
Seriously, simple parametric types wouldn't hurt C. Not at all. No
need for that automatic pointer conversion, additional parameters to
sort() and alike, and such. (I'm going to make a confession, I really
think C would benefit from C++ templates, even in their current

Have a nice evening,
Alexander S.
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