Re: [dev] Possible improvement on slock - suid

From: patrick295767 patrick295767 <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 17:44:19 +0100

With 20'000 students including 9000 graduates and about 50 research
laboratories, each year, believe me
that you will not get any support for anything from the admin of the machines.
I already asked or tried, and to get any support for similar things,
such as installation of a software on a specific machine.
You get your Linux box, and if you wanna use a specific program you
always can compile to your local.
Permission fix for it is likely not "possible / thinkable". Although
on most machines, there is xscreensaver, but why not using slock?
The slock app is though not installed.

2013/11/14 Carlos Torres <>:
> Hi Patrick,
> On 11/14/13, patrick295767 patrick295767 <> wrote:
>> Ok, look my example, think about a student behind the rules of the admin.
> Then you must appeal to the administrator(s) and provide the source so that
> they may review it and install it. just the same way they've installed other
> X11 screen locking apps that also have suid/guid set.
> --Carlos
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