Re: [dev] [st] st does not show window name for wmctrl

From: Carlos Torres <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 08:20:37 -0500

> 2013/11/25 Martti Kühne <>:
>> How many people commit suicide per year because their application
>> windows use utf-8 titles?

I submitted another "simpler patch" that doesn't revert the setting of
WM_NAME to XStringStyle. Since i don't really have a use case for

The simpler patch only adds _NET_WM_NAME, and as
UTF8_STRING for consistency. which wmctrl works with. (not that this
fix is solely driven by wmctrl. i wouldn't want it to, i just happend
to test this on an old st and noticed the difference).

On 11/25/13, Alexander S. <> wrote:
> Is it definitely okay to use Xutf8TextListToTextProperty with XStringStyle?

i didn't think about that to be honest, but i did think about the flame
possibly ignited by breaking the peoples st title when they use utf8...

As a side tabbed uses XCompoundTextStyle.

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