Re: [dev] [st] Cannot compile latest HEAD, nor 0.4.1

From: Matthias Beyer <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:51:33 +0100

You guys were right, I did not copy the config.def.h file to config.h!

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On 25-11-2013 16:59:08, Alexander Huemer wrote:
> Is '[0][st] (master) ->' your shell prompt? That's highly unlikely.

It is! I use xterm (I know, shame on me) and I'm just watching the
repo, not using the software!

> The diagnostics of your compiler are not in english, which is the
> language of this mailing list. I'd recommend to set LANG=C before
> running the commands you later want to include as a hardcopy in a
> support request.

Okay, thanks, I will do so in future!

> Did you look at the problem yourself?
> Did you try to understand what the error messages mean?

Yes, I understood what they mean, but I thought I did not make any
modifications in config.h,... but seemingly I did,... that's what got

Thanks for your fast responses!

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Matthias Beyer
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