[dev] [st] System freeze when killing X after using st-git

From: Andreas Marschall <andreas.marschall_AT_unitybox.de>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 19:14:27 +0100

Hello there,

I'd like to report a serious bug that I have for quite some time now
with st-git. When I install the git version with "sudo make clean
install" on my Arch Linux box it installs fine and I can use it. But as
soon as I kill X to go back to tty the screen goes blank (or sometimes I
see the frozen info from my graphics card that comes up when I do "startx") and the
system won't response anymore. All I can do then is hit the reset
button. Typing "systemctl poweroff" in st-git does a similar thing and the computer
won't shut down. This only happens with st-git. With st-0.4.1 everything works fine and I
can kill X and startx respectively.

I really like st and I'd like to keep using it over urxvt but since I'm
not a programmer (I'm starting to learn C as soon as the new edition of
C Primer Plus is out in December) yet, I can't look for the bug but
it came into st with one of the last few patches.

I wonder why no other Arch users are reporting on this?

Some infos on my system:
AMD HD 6950 (habbend with catalyst and now with radeon driver)
Kernel 3.12.1 (habbend with pervious kernels, too)
Xorg Server 1.14-4

Hopefully someone else can confirm this.

Best whishes
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