Re: [dev][announce] slm - music curation

From: Charlie Kester <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 11:06:40 -0800

On Thu 28 Nov 2013 at 10:33:42 PST Markus Teich wrote:
>Patrick wrote:
>> An example use-case shows why you would rm a file in your central media
>> repository. .e.g. It was rm'd because it was Thursday and that's the day that
>> I let Chaos Monkey fuck up my tunes.
>I for example see my music collection not as only-growing but also
>delete stuff I don't want to hear anymore regularly.

Hmm. I'm in the hardlinks-as-default camp, but it seems to me this is
an argument for symlinks. If you are so tired of a song or artist that
you delete them from your music collection, it means you want them
completely gone. But with hardlinks you'll still have one or more
copies in the farm/db, taking up space in your filesystem.

Here's a use-case that argues for hardlinks: I've often encountered
situations where ripping a CD or downloading from Amazon has resulted in
the same artist appearing in my collection under two slightly different
names. (I like world music, for example, and there doesn't seem to any
consistency in the way some names are spelled.) If I correct this by
moving all the files under the same artist subdir, I would break any
symlinks pointing to the subdir using the variant artist name I don't
want to keep.

You might respond that the farm/db would still have the links under the
variant artist name, but I personally wouldn't want the database
organized by artist or album. My music collection is already organized
that way! What I want from the database is to be able to search on
other attributes, like genre or year. I've also been analyzing my music
files and adding tags for key and bpm, in order to build playlists of
similar-sounding songs. So I'm envisioning a database where the same
song might appear under several different headings.
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