Re: [dev] ncurses or ...

From: Nick <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 01:11:35 +0000

Quoth Dimitris Zervas:
> So, why not use surf as the abstract layer I was thinking before

That is a terrible, terrible idea. surf has an OK interface, but
webkitgtk is horrible, and the idea of using it for a base for
anything but the web is absurd in a suckless context.

Has anybody in this discussion used tcl/tk? I think the idea of
defining some fifo based interface concept is generally going to
lead to much more complexity than it solves (c.f. wmii vs. dwm).

I wrote a few utilities a while ago which have an optional GUI
written in tcl/tk, which reads the status from stdout to provide
feedback. That works very well for the simple cases it needs. [0]

Oh, and to come in on an earlier point that was made, TUI sucks, the
only good thing about it is that TUI programs tend to have better
keybindings and scriptability.

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