Re: [dev] hotkey (1) - a suckless global keybinder

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 01:43:55 -0500

On 9 February 2014 01:36, Chris Down <> wrote:
> On 2014-02-09 01:22:00 -0500, Calvin Morrison wrote:
>> > - You are using system(), which is highly unportable and extremely
>> > fragile;
>> I'm not so sure. What's a better solution? system() seems like a very
>> standard function. Portability is also not a real concern for me. mos
>> everybody uses linux who uses X11, if you are using something else,
>> well, then it's probably simple to write a patch. If there's a better
>> solution I am all for it though
> It's not about the function, it's about the fact that it relies on the
> reparsing of that syntax in your shell, which is
Surely the user knows what shell they are using? Sure it's a valid
point, but almost irrelevant at the same time. Who cares about their
shell behavior? If they think it's an issue, then they need not run
any commands. I assume people are intelligent, and want to let them
use their shells additional features, rather than retard them with
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