Re: [dev] hotkey (1) - a suckless global keybinder

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 18:31:00 -0500

make a hidden window, and set the window focus to it? that'd be my
guess. I don't think you can grab two non modifier keys though, < and
> for example probably wouldn't work with the way I am grabbing it.
I'd love too see some code.

A visual hint could be nice. I definitely see the advantage of a modal
system because there are already so many shortcuts you can
accidentally interfere with,having just one to interfere with reduces
the issue.

but then why not just use my program to launch a script with dmenu
(vertical version) and have a keybinding for that? eg:

ALT+P spawns dmenu
dmenu shows
1. mocp -g
2. xterm
3. firefox

you press 3 and enter and it executes..?

what do you think of that?

On 10 February 2014 18:24, Michael Hauser <> wrote:
> Calvin Morrison writes:
>> I'm not sure what you mean by "modal bindings". Do you mean like
>> executing a hotkey like "Ctrl+:" to jump the hotkey program, then
>> pressing another key to execute a command? Sorry I'm not sure what you
>> are saying.
>> Calvin
> Exactly!
> Use case: one hotkey (in my case: the useless '><' key on german
> keyboards) to activate a, let's call it COMMAND mode :), maybe a litte
> visual hint (I'm making the taskbar visible in dwm for now), that does
> nothing else than waiting for the next keypress.
> Have a look at dwm's keymodes patch, I really like this implementation.
> My hacked 'hotkey' version depends on some X11/event race condition, as
> I was able to figure out how to grab the whole kb for a while; but I
> haven't started to dig into the keymodes patch yet; therefore my
> suggestion to combine the two.
> Also the goal is to have a system that can be operaten with literally
> one finger alone, I think it would be a godsent for accessibility (not
> just when consuming yp *ducks* :).
> cheers, mih
> ps. I really like the poetic license!
> --
> 'aware water' is an anagram for 'we are at war'
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