[dev] [surf] ctrl-g not working

From: suck less user <surfsup_AT_inbox.lv>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 09:46:24 +0300

I have just installed surf using the latest source
using git and ctrl-g does not work.

In addition i would like to point out a behavioral
issue. When i use "surf -a a someurl" *after* i
have used it as "surf someotherurl" (so that a
cookie file exists), surf seems to still use the
cookie file. When i visit www.mybrowserinfo.com
with cookies disabled but with an existing cookie
file, the web page reports that cookies are
enabled. Maybe surf exposes only the previous
cookies and not adding new ones (i haven't
checked), but this behavior is not nice. It would
be nicer if "surf -a a" meant "no cookies at all,
previous or current".

Third, what i have to change in config.def.h to
make cookies disabled by default?

Thank you for providing such a suck-less browser.
Now that firefox goes down the drm hole we need
alternatives like this (*cough* enable tabbed
browsing by default *cough*).
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