Re: [dev] [surf] WebKit1 deprecated

From: YpN <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 23:00:13 +0200

Nick <> wrote:
> If you read the patch you'll see it updates surf to use webkitgtk3.
> Which I would guess uses Webkit 2. If that's the case it probably
> makes sense to switch to it, if Webkit 1 is about to be deprecated.

Yeah true, I guess I will need to "leave" GTK2 soon or late.

> Hopefully it'd fix some bugs I see, too, but I'm too lazy to check
> at the moment.

Ok, good to know. I'll give it a try.

> Look at the archives, it's unlikely that's going to happen anytime
> soon. surf's mission is having a vaguely usable interface for the
> monstrous web, not really to suck less at an architectural level.
> There is some interest in the option of having surf backed by the
> netsurf libraries, which are *way* nicer, but not quite enough
> interest for anybody to actually bother, yet.

Few months ago, I saw that webkitnix[1] was dropped. But the last
commit isn't too old, it seems to be still updated sometimes.
Maybe it could become really interesting for us.

About netsurf, yeah why not. But it lacks some properties IMHO.
One of my friend tried to run a CSS2 website from me and the support
was horrible, despite the care applied to the code.
CSS2 support isn't complete.


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