Re: [dev] C coded cross-platform youtube video viewer

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014 22:55:24 +0200

* hiro <> [2014-06-03 21:05:23 +0200]:
> choose a stream, meaning of itags is on wikipedia article of youtube.
> wget -q -O - ''|sed
> 's/"/\n/g; s/\\u0026/ /g; s/,/\n/g'|sed -n
> '/url_encoded_fmt_stream_map/,/^$/p; /adaptive_fmts/,/^$/p'

yes, but google likes to change the format occasionally

the urls contain a signature argument which is sometimes stored
separately and without it you'll get 403

the signature is sometimes scrambled with generated, obfuscated
javascript code, with wrong signature you'll get 403

i did the js parsing in yget, but i probably wont keep up with
the changes of youtube in the future

> One very nice new thing i discovered by going the manual way without
> the stupid quvi (which sadly randomly stopped working at some point
> for me) was that they now at least they have pure audio files
> together with that adaptive streaming bullshit, so I don't need ffmpeg
> for my purposes any more. Try itag 171 or 140, e.g.
> wget -q -O - ''|sed
> 's/"/\n/g; s/\\u0026/ /g; s/,/\n/g'|sed -n '/itag=171/s/^.*url=//p'

yes they had that for a while, but i don't know any player that
can stream from separate video and audio streams reliably
(other than the browsers)

there are text streams too for subtitles but i havent checked how
it works now since the last time they changed the format

> Then you need to remove the percentencoding, I'm sure you guys might
> be able to come up with a C tool for that.
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