Re: [dev] reboot, arrow in the knee because of the GNU GPL???

From: Sylvain BERTRAND <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 03:24:57 +0200

On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 09:07:26AM +0900, Philip Rushik wrote:
> It's the internet, people say stuff, don't let it get to you.

It did not get to me (I'm an internet children, I'm used to
On those later threads, I stayed polite and analytical all the
time except, of course, regarding closed source system software
manufacturers. Could you pinpoint to me some parts I was
insulting the participating "subscribers" or engaged in active
public discredit (like making fun of published code)?

> You did start 3 threads, that's not good ml etiquette. Probably
> could have dealt with this off the mailing list, or not taken it
> personally. There were lots of better options.

Hey! I was asked to start a new thread. I know it's bad to "steal" the
topic of a thread like that. Then I did it, and in an instant I
was told to kill that thread ???

I started another thread regarding a real life GNU GPL license
issue of one of suckless subscribers (the holy graal for me). The
thread was immedialtly "stolen" and strayed away from its primary

Then I rebooted the thread, and ask the people to be nice and
respect the purpose of this thread. Code license is important for
all suckless software and, finally, and we have somebody able to
reveal to suckless people a real life issue with the GNU GPL.
This is reasonnably valid to be dealed and discussed by the
suckless community.

Basically, out of the blue, I was instantly asked to stop all my
threads. Quite weird actually.

> You aren't getting anywhere by using terms like "dirty lie".
> There are lots of arguments against the GPL. Just because you
> don't agree doesn't justify calling people liars.

Nobody has been able to pinpoint to me pertinent, real life,
issues with the GNU GPL licenses that would make prefer MIT/BSD
like licenses. The only thing I have got is, to summerize,
"trust me, there are some".
If you have some, I'll be pleased to read about them, because the
issue from a subscriber seems top secret/classified (how
And hey! I cannot disagree on things I'm not told about yet! Come
on :). I only can disagree on keeping it a secret, that's it.

I was happy, in a technical argument about choice of SDK build
system, a "subcriber" swore to me he had real troubles with the
GNU GPL. Again, when I'm about to get that intell, abracadabra, It
disappears, and people are frowing eyebrows hard!

>> It seems some "subscribers" may be malicious accounts to
>> sabotage any attempt to get a constructive argument (directed
>> against some specific people?).
> You seriously believe this? I hope you don't.

It's common on web public forums (trolls and super stealth
kiddies using tor). Why not on a public mailing
list. Here, they are a bit smarter than their web counter parts,
that's all, but we are not a lot higher than the sea level (I
wonder, could they be bots to win the turing price?)

>> Do note that the "people" behind those accounts are worth
>> quite less than those from microsoft/apple/sap/oracle/etc,
>> even if they write open source software.
> Again, if you don't want to be attacked, trying to offend others will
> get you nowhere and doesn't help your case at all.

That, I just posted it. Apparently, the damage happened before. I
wonder when... as I said, I'm open minded, I do accept
constructive critisism.


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