[dev] [ANNOUNCE] abduco-0.1, a lightweight alternative to tmux and screen

From: Marc André Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 10:28:52 +0200


I'm pleased to announce the first official release of abduco, a tool
for session {at,de}tach support which allows to run a process
independently from its controlling terminal.


with sha1sum

 063b66d8a9a83ecd5b9501afc86812a06ad79076 abduco-0.1.tar.gz

abduco is in many ways very similar to dtach but is actively maintained,
contains no legacy code, provides a few additional features, has a cleaner,
more robust implementation and is distributed under the ISC license.

In combination with dvtm it is a more lightweight and hopefully suckless
alternative to tmux or screen.

Assuming dvtm is located within $PATH, a new session can be created as follows:

 abduco -c session-name

The default detach key is set to CTRL+\ but can be changed at runtime via
the -e command line option. A list of sessions can be obtained by invoking
abduco without any arguments. To bring back a session use

 abduco -a session-name

It is also possible to have multiple clients simultaneously attached to the
same session in which case the terminal size of the least recently connected
client will be used. Please consult the manual page for further information.

Feedback welcome, hope it is useful to some of you.

 Marc André Tanner >< http://www.brain-dump.org/ >< GPG key: CF7D56C0
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