[dev][libsl] Naming scheme

From: Lee Fallat <ircsurfer33_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 18:29:13 -0400


Any particularly good reason why certain names are missing vowels and
consonants arbitrarily? For example, Fnt vs Font, Drw vs Draw and Cur
vs Cursor. Last I checked typing 1 more letter wasn't a big deal. The
end result is saving 3 to 1 keystrokes all over the place. If we want
to get mathematical about this, that's:

wc -c drw.{c, h}

$ grep -ioe "\(drw\|fnt\|clr\|extnts\|cur\)" drw.{c,h} | wc -l


...3.5% of typing saved, for less readability. I'm all eyes though for
the reasoning behind this. Just to be clear- I can totally understand
everything by their short forms, but others may have a hard time. Not
only that but there are inconsistencies:


What happened to fnt, and extnts? Why is clr and drw the only ones abbreviated?

Thank you,


(I want to do some work with libsl over the next few days, but I want
to make sure what I do will be accepted by you fine people. Sorry for
being insane about this. AFAIK no graphical official suckless programs
use libsl yet...)
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