Re: [dev] [sandy] [PATCH] VIM key bindings.

From: Dimitris Zervas <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 03:56:58 +0300

>> If "suckless-vi" ends up based on sandy I'll be as happy as a clam. I
>> don't have a lot of free time, but I'd be happy to help.
>I'm actually also interested in a "suckless-vi" but for me this
>a design based on piece tables rather than the double linked list
>taken by sandy.
What do you mean? Can you explain a bit the idea?

>Also it would be nice if the actual text editing
>would be clearly separated out, such that different editor frontends
>can be implemented easily.

Well, this is much easier implemented in OOP languages (which I don't love that much) but I don't know what would be the performance, complexity and code readability would be.
I'll take a look, but no promises, as I love TUI (but I hate curses :P )
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