Re: [dev] LDAP

From: Calvin Morrison <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:52:24 -0400

On 23 July 2014 15:37, Markus Teich <> wrote:
> Calvin Morrison wrote:
>> I like that, but then I guess I need to propogate all changes for my
>> users, like passwords and such?
> Heyho,
> I think passwd entries should suffice. The admin should not be responsible for synchronizing the users files. Maybe he is so kind and offers a network mount available on every server.

That's just silly. Why would you be so sucky of any admin to require
users to change passwords on 10 systems when they are all identical?
This is somewhat of a small cluster, worker nodes, a services node, a
storage node, a head node etc.
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