Re: [dev] [st] Erasing UTF-8 characters in ed

From: Alexandre Niveau <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 22:47:57 +0200


>> I have the same issue in mg. This question also comes up occasionally
>> on IRC. Reverting the commit you specified seems to work for mg (but
>> may break other applications?) Can anyone shed a light on it, for
>> science?
> This patch only changes the keystroke generated by Backspace (in fact
> the patch does that the key generates a BACKSPACE character). With the
> vanilla configuration you can generate a DELETE character using Delete
> key.

I had understood this (kinda): as I tried to explain, I had executed
"stty erase ^H" for the tip version of st. I mentioned this exactly
because I wanted to make it clear that the problem was not because of
this commit. That's a fail. Sorry.

> If you use Delete, the prblem is fixed?,

With the tip version of st, Delete works as a backspace outside ed,
but writes "^?" when used in ed.

> and if you execute stty erase
> before of running ed and try again with backspace?

Same behaviour as with the 0.5 release of st (as clunkily explained in
my initial message).

-- A.N.
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