Re: [dev] [st] Colors

From: stxetx <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 19:55:57 +0100

> i think it's impossible

Not in the slightest. There is no technical reason why you can't have a
novel interface that gamefies a sysadmin task (although it may be
difficult to make a game suckless). There is a process management
interface/game that used Doom called PSDoom[0] that shows someone has
tried something similar.

I actually considered doing a novel interface for a file manager based
on Katamari Damacy[1] for my upcoming third year research project at
uni, but it was shot down along with all my other ideas for projects.

(Oh and hi. I'm stxetx. I've been using Suckless software for a while
but, as I am a student, I've not contributed yet.)


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