Re: [dev] [st] Erasing UTF-8 characters in ed

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 10:25:09 +0200

> I hope this could actually be useful for others. If it's not possible to
> have st automatically tell stty to use the iutf8 mode, then maybe it's worth
> a mention in the FAQ.

Well, st could set the correct values of stty (iutf8 and erase), but I
think is not a good idea. What happens if the system want to configure
some other value for some reason?. This can generate some situations
where the user can not understand why his preferences are not respected.

I agree that it is good idea to add the topic to the FAQ.

Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
Received on Mon Aug 04 2014 - 10:25:09 CEST

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