Re: [dev] [st] will global-less changes be wanted upstream?

From: Steven Degutis <>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 14:28:46 -0500

> This is OS X specific and weird in my opinion, if you want multiple windows
> lauch multiple processes. It is safer, you can limit the impact of a crash
> to a single window. It is also memory efficient thanks to (haters gonna
> hate) dynamic link.

That's not how OS X users expect their apps to work. So I'm not going
to go against the grain on this, I'm going to stick to existing
conventions, which means one process and several windows.

>> So, had these changes been made before I started my
>> port, it would have saved me a day of working on it. But you're right,
>> now that I've already done it, there's really no point in contributing
>> it back to the original codebase.
> I sense an offensive tone here.
> You should not feel aggressed, people here are hard to convince and stronly
> opinionated, it is healthy. In this case your change is of no interest for
> the original st because the plateforms it targets have the ability to launch
> the same application multiple times, that's all.

You sensed slight irritation in my words, due to the fact that I did
lose a day making these changes that might have been spared if they
were already made. But I'm not really that upset. Like you and I have
both said already, the changes I've made aren't really necessary
upstream. Thus there's no real point to trying to contribute them
back. That's all I was saying.
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