Re: [dev] sic or ii, whats the main differences?

From: Bigby James <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:38:04 -0500

On 08/19, Henrique Lengler wrote:
> sic or ii as IRC client? whats the purpouse of each one?

sic works out of the box, but isn't extensible and doesn't have anything fancy
features like colored output. ii requires more time and effort to set up, but is
more flexible. You can use 'tail -f', an output colorizer such as clog[1] and
some regular expressions to customize its output and send urgency alerts, for

I've been interested in getting ii up and running myself for a couple weeks,
though I haven't done much beyond play with it for a minute.I've been using
weechat, and while it's certainly usable the fact that it's an unholy
Frankenstein's Monster of a program has annoyed me for a while.


"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely
foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Douglas Adams
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