Re: [dev] [st] will global-less changes be wanted upstream?

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 12:27:18 +0200

> The emulation in a terminal emulator is pure graphics. That???s why it is
> a terminal emulator for a graphical environment. The logic behind it are
> just flags to serve xdraws(). You will have to rewrite everything in a
> new environment, especially because of the event infrastructure in X11.
> There is not much to modularize here.

I think all the sequence decoding logic is indendent of X, and
almost of the sequence actions are also independent of X because
they work in the line buffer and dirty buffer. In some way, these
buffers are decoupling both parts.


Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
Received on Wed Aug 20 2014 - 12:27:18 CEST

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