Re: [dev] SGI Irix look (4Dwm)

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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:51:37 +0000

>I don't know why you would want that.

Partly because I want to keep things simple, partly because of nostalgia, and partly because I think SGI Irix was coolest thing ever. They were about to take over the world with their massive super computers and cameo appearances in movies like Jurassic Park. But, unfortunately, their leadership failed.

And, like I said over at Neowin, there's also a wave of calm that sweeps over me whenever I see a UI that doesn't try too hard to fit in. That doesn't try to please the endless hordes of hipsters and gamers whom, while they certainly love to hate on others, wouldn't know how to design something proper themselves even if their lives depended on it.


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>> Is there any way to get that old classic SGI Irix look (4Dwm) in
>I don't know why you would want that.
>In any case, the underlying concepts of dwm do not match the
>concepts of
>4DWM. What you can do is use FVWM with a 4DWM[1] theme.
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