Re: [dev] surf rewrite for WebKit2GTK

From: Daniel CamolÍs <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 18:12:29 -0200

>> Am I alone? Is there any hope out there?
> TL;DR: Imho, there is none. W3c is the total opposite of suckless software.

The problem is not with this specific organization. Design by
committee is the source of the evil. Everybody wants to put a shiny
new feature in there. Also, you never want to break backwards
compatibility but you always need to do so a lot because the initial
design was poor. So you add piles and piles of mess to compensate for

> In either paths (interpret w3crap or deprecate it)

I think interpreting w3crap will just generate piles of shit as you
said. Breaking compatibility would be essential.
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