Re: [dev] tax on internet?

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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 16:09:26 +0100

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M Farkas-Dyck <> wrote:

> The government is using tax to quash dissent or other behaviors it
> dislikes. This is not a broad goods+services tax, this is a tax with a
> target.

What is the target? Jobbik?

> So is PRISM; they already had ECHELON. What's your argument here?

Only partially. Whereas PRISM is used to shape new internet culture,
a tax on internet services is actually a reaction to changing
circumstances and a state is always on the lookout to raise his

> Many do. Some have to choose with care whether to buy 2 or 3 potatos
> this week, for if they buy 2 they'll be hungry, but if they buy 3
> they'll be too poor to buy much else. Some have to sew together old
> scraps of fabric for lack of money to buy new garments. And some even
> have no Internet link as it's already too costly for them.

I know of the high poverty in Hungary. However, if you can't afford 3
potatoes, why do you worry about an Internet tax?
It's like I went on the street to demonstrate against a raise of car
taxes when I don't even own a car in the first place.
Don't get me wrong: I'm not mocking the poorest here, but this tax
definitely is not your problem when you don't have an Internet
connection in the first place or have to sew together old scraps of
fabric to buy new garments.

So, how much does an internet connection cost monthly in Hungary?

> It's nice to not be poor, eh?

No, it bloody is not!



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