Re: [dev] rebooting the web (it was: surf rewrite for WebKit2GTK)

From: Alexandre Niveau <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 21:28:35 +0100

On 31/10/2014 20:45, FRIGN wrote:
> Yeah, but I want the XML parser.

I supposed so, but since you referred to (X)HTML, I was unsure.

>> I'd say it's hard to suck less than that as far as HTML goes...
> Well, look at what XHTML 2.0 tried to achieve (it was a step in the
> right direction). I'll never use HTML5 for the simple reason that
> it's a bloated hell. So you better not insult the suckless-philosophy
> with some HTML5-smartness.

Mea maxima culpa. I'll flagellate myself tonight by writing some Java.

>> Also it's worth noting that while it's still recommended to keep the
>> meta charset tag in there, using any encoding other than UTF-8 is
>> invalid HTML5 [3].
> No, read your link again. It was talking about XML-documents, which
> actually declare the charset in a sane place (at the bloody beginning).

Yeah, I had actually seen this, and had tested in a validator, but
screwed up… I tried UTF-16, which is forbidden, but only because it's
not an ASCII superset. ISO-8859-x only gives a warning. Duh.


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