Re: [dev][dwm] Systray and hipchat

From: Yury Shvedov <>
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 11:51:28 +0300

No I've never seen hipchat client's tray icon working within dwm tray.
Maybe I would have some time on this weekends to check this issue by
myself. My suggestion is to take one of the applications I mentioned
before and compare with it.

Kind regards
Yury Shvedov
On 03/07/2015 05:57 AM, Eric Pruitt wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 09:40:56AM +0300, Yury Shvedov wrote:
>> Yep! Sometimes I have the same glitches but It doesn't hurt me. But
>> absence of an icon any time the client runs distress me. I have not
>> much time to investigate this too but when I will, I would look to
>> the code of something like trayer or stalonetray as an example.
> I figured out how to get rid of the phantom icons -- I added this block
> inside the SYSTEM_TRAY_REQUEST_DOCK conditional:
>      if (!(c->win = cme->data.l[2])) {
>          free(c);
>          return;
>      }
> I haven't figured out how to fix the issue with icons not updating yet,
> but that only ever seems to happen for me if I launch Pidgin and there
> are no other icons in the tray yet. When you use hipchat then launch
> another application that uses the systray, does the icon appear?
> Eric
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