[dev] tabbed crash when using foreground = False in config.h

From: <suckless_AT_axz.de>
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 12:06:15 +0100


tabbed crashes when using foreground = False in config.h

Steps to reproduce:

Get latest tabbed and surf src from git
Set foreground = False in tabbed config.h
Compile and install tabbed and surf
Start 2 surf instances in tabbed:
surf-open.sh suckless.org ; sleep 1 ; surf-open.sh suckless.org
Close active (second) tab - CTRL-q - before doing anything else
First tab gets active, try to close it - CTRL-q
tabbed crashes

You can also see that the surf instance running in the first tab is not
maximized in the tabbed window after you close the second tab.

The crash does not happen if you switch to the first tab (CTRL-1)
before closing the second. The surf instance is also correctly
maximized in the tabbed window, if you switch to it.

Reproduced on FreeBSD 10.1 and Manjaro Linux (Arch Linux fork)

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