Re: [dev] Potential bug in st fallback font code

From: Eric Pruitt <>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 20:05:41 -0700

On Mon, Mar 09, 2015 at 11:17:23PM +0100, Christoph Lohmann wrote:
> The returned pattern are no duplicates and can’t be compared. I pushed a
> change to st to store the unicode long too of the glyph. This prevents
> the code from reloading the default font used to display the missing
> glyph.

I think your patch is buggy as I have noticed two strange behaviours. I
recompiled st, launched my music player, and I had some Japanese
characters that have normally rendered fine for me render as rectangles.
Upon closing and re-opening st, they rendered correctly again; see
attached "non-rendering-characters.png". Unfortunately, I can't seem to
reproduce the problem, but since I've never experienced anything like
that before and use st with Asian characters on a daily basis, your
change seems to be the most likely suspect. On top that, the size in
which st renders the missing-character-rectangles has also spontaneously
changed*. This is easy to reproduce by reverting the st git repo and
recompiling st; see attached "font-size-change.png".

* I cannot explain why, in the first screenshot, the rectangles are
  large instead of small.


(image/png attachment: non-rendering-characters.png)

(image/png attachment: font-size-change.png)

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