Re: [dev] sbase echo.c doesn't respect POSIX

From: Nick <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 13:26:47 +0100

Quoth Prog Rider:
> What about my other issue?
> echo.c doesnt print shit that loons like cmdline arg

I presume "loons" is a typo of "looks". If I understand you
correctly, you are wrong:

; ./echo -h -a hello
-h -a hello

Are you suggesting you thought it would not print '-h -a'?

> PS: I don't follow E-Mail etiquette because I copy-paste stuff from
> Sorry. I hope that's okay for you?

It isn't ideal, because you aren't being clear, which means more
work for us to figure out what you're trying to communicate. Which
is rude.

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