Re: [dev] aijuboard

From: Nick <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 16:58:55 +0100

Hi aiju,

Quoth Julius Schmidt:
> I am currently collecting funds for a production run of a Zynq based
> board built specifically with Plan 9 in mind. It has a dual-core ARM
> CPU and a Xilinx FPGA. We are running 9front, but labs and 9atom
> would likely work fine too.

That sounds cool. To ask a very naive question, why do you need a
FPGA to offload the Plan 9 drawing operations? Why couldn't you just
use a regular GPU? Or are there other plans for the FPGA? If so,
what sort of thing are you envisioning? Is the CPU the bottleneck
for lots of things Plan 9 users tend to do (I don't use Plan 9),
such that it could be relieved by offloading to a FPGA? Also, I
thought GPUs could be used for more than just graphical stuff
nowadays, or is that either not general enough or not applicable for
a little board like yours?

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