Re: [dev] [st] Compiling with musl libc doesn't work

From: Ivan Tham <>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 13:52:29 +0800

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 04:33:46PM +0200, koneu wrote:
>You'd first have to compile Xlib & co against musl and then change the
>CFLAGS to point to the musl dirs instead of /usr.
I don't really understand what you mean to compile Xlib & co against
musl as I am just learning C and doesn't have a great understanding
about it. Can you please explain about it more? And adding it to FAQ is
a good help for beginners.

>Have fun, I hope tomorrow is a national holiday at wherever you are from.
Thanks, but it seems that I have exam this week.

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