Re: [dev] [dvtm] Pertag patch for dvtm

From: Ross Mohn <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 09:10:07 -0400

On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 08:17:56AM +0000, Hannes Blut wrote:
> On 25.05.15 at 03:22pm, Ross Mohn wrote:
> >I sent this directly to Marc, but I think it would be useful to post
> >here as well. The attached patch for an implementation in dvtm of the
> >dwm pertag patch. It actually plays much more nicely with multiple tags
> >than I had anticipated. I think it's appropriate for the master branch,
> >but that's not up to me. I'd love to hear some feedback!
> Please note: Tags are not workspaces.
> This patch is just excessive for mainline.

Agreed that tags are not workspaces. That was a concern of mine when I
first looked at implementing the Pertag patch. However, if you try out
the patch you'll see that it works very nicely with the tagging paradigm
and, in my opinion, actually enhances it.

Whichever tag is first viewed determines the settings for layout,
nmaster, mfact, and barpos. From there you toggle additional tags on and
off. If you then switch and choose to view a different individual tag,
that tag's settings become active for layout, nmaster, mfact, and
barpos. From there you again toggle additional tags on and off. Now, you
can switch between the two tag-views you've set up using viewprevtag
(MOD+v+TAB) and the settings remain as they were. In this way, you are
not forced to reset your layout, nmaster, mfact, and barpos every time
you call the viewprevtag function.

This wasn't as much of an issue for me until I started adjusting nmaster
as well as layout in my dynamic views. Having an adjustable nmaster is
what tipped the balance and got me to implement the Pertag patch in

It might not be right for mainline, but I think it is definitely worth

Thanks -Ross
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