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From: Ivan Tham <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 10:29:32 +0800

On Tue, Jun 02, 2015 at 01:34:28PM -0700, wrote:
>When I look at top, I see a lot of memory usage, but most of that is shared mappings. What I look at is the active memory use, and virtual memory statistics, to see what is going on with memory. The only performance issue I deal with is when crossing origin domains in links, because it opens up a whole new surf process, but since my browser profiles are per-origin, the cache lookups stay fast, and the browser doesn't get sluggish over time the way firefox does.

Does surf uses internal caching? I use polipo as a cache server so
I don't think I need one anymore.

>Firefox actually has a feature that asks you to reset your browser profile and restart the process periodically, because it gets so bloated. The unified state design meant to improve efficiency clearly backfires in that case. 

I haven't used firefox until it is bloated although the RAM is just 1GB
so I haven't used the feature you are talking about.

>Basically, memory usage is actually a topic with a lot of subtleties that affect performance, and to speak of it generally, if you manage state in a way that is generally more organized, then the VM subsystem of the OS can manage it more effectively. Surf has a different design, so it hangs in different places than other browsers do, and it is noticeable, so it may feel sluggish sometimes, but it also is noticeably less likely to bloat over time.

I am also a user of `uzbl-browser`, I noticed that uzbl load faster than
surf and the memory usage is about the same. But I noticed surf starts
**a lot quicker** than uzbl.

>I often have a lot of browser windows open, and it doesn't seem to have more memory pressure than firefox. When I am taxing my system, surf and firefox both take some time to page back into active state, and that is the true test of memory issues, I think. I doubt you would see another browser beating surf in that test, except for dillo, and other browsers with minimal rendering engines.

Why can't surf beat dillo which is a gecko-based browser?

And is there any method to use with polipo?

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