Re: [dev] [st] Terminal abnormal key codes

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 12:45:05 +0200


> > Wrong again:
> >
> Nope, fish works, though it turns out we bound the other escape
> manually.
> > xterm (debian testing):
> >
> > $ tput rmkx
> > ^[[F (End key)
> > ^[[H (Home key)
> > $ tput smkx
> > ^[OF (End key)
> > ^[OH (Home key)

It means you are wrong. Fish doesn't work because you have to
manyally hardcoded some values, that will work only in some terminals.
And you say that fish works? ...

> This means we might be able to simplify the key bindings if we do the
> smkx dance.

No, it means your program is wrong. We have here two programs, one
which follows the standard (st), and another that doesn't follow
the standard (fish), and you are trying the compliant program
changes its behaviour only because your code is so ugly you are
afraid of broken something if you modify the key match procedure.
I don't want to imagine how is written your code.

I will change the behaviour of st when POSIX changes its definition
and removes smkx/rmkx. Meanwhile fish has a bug. All the other
suckless developers I have asked about this question agree with me
in this point.

Please don't waste our time and fix your bugs.

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