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"Reader mode" in major browsers already is powered by a subset of html5 for marking up articles. That is already widely deployed, and supports the article meta attributes the same way as ‎AMP does. I often use it on my phone to bypass those CSS popup ads that appear in front of articles.

I have considered making a reader mode in surf, and having a sort of automatic mode for going into reader mode to make it more of a default.

Is the creator of AMP trying to address something that reader mode does not? Maybe they aren't aware of its existence.

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Greetings comrades,

I found the AMP project [0], which seems to be a standard to have easy
rendering of webpages on mobile devices. It only allows a subset of the
HTML tags but forces at least one Javascript script file to be run. If
the content could be displayed without the JS being mandatory to decrypt
the content this would be a chance to have a more simple way of browsing
the web.

First you have an AMP browser (lynx, w3m, dillo etc. can easily handle
this subset of features) and on full HTML surf is run.

I haven’t yet mentioned the CO2 and NOX reduction that is saved by the
reduced parsing, RAM and CPU effort.

What do you comrades think?


Christoph Lohmann

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