Re: [dev] A chance for a suckless web?

From: hiro <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2015 21:42:15 +0200

Right now I just use the "getpocket" service, which was preinstalled
on both my kobo and firefox and also has a chrome extension.
I assume that they have some clever algorithms for this.

On a kindle I used the "send to kindle" extension which functions the same way.

Before I realized what that pocket thing is I also just saved the raw
html from web pages with ctrl-s in opera and used scp to copy it to
the reader automatically whenever the wifi would get turned on.
I also sometimes would scrape all open URLs from the opera session
file and wget them onto the e-reader when I had opened too many urls
in the background. These days I don't really need this feature any

I am sticking to the other services cause they do a good job of
removing unnecessary stuff before the article (sometimes had to
advance 10 pages manually in the reader until the article started, and
moving 10 pages fast is a pain on an e-reader obviously).

I don't know how much magic is involved in their parsing but I can
already tell it's not perfect either. So I would approve of some open
source solution that provides the same or better user experience.

I always wanted to build something like this, but then it was already
there before I could finish designing an experience in my head.

On 10/11/15, Nick <> wrote:
> Quoth hiro:
>> I approve of Ben's comment. I read a lot of web articles on my
>> e-reader these days. This way I waste less time in front of shitty web
>> browsers (on immobile supercomputers) and have something consuming to
>> do on the go.
> I recently got an e-reader and thought I should do something
> similar. I was planning to write a couple of scripts to process
> things - how do you do it? Just pass webpages through pandoc and
> save them into a folder to rsync to the device?
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