Re: [dev] Is Wayland really a solution to X11 cruft?

From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 20:24:36 +0100

Good evening

2015-10-30 14:57 GMT+01:00, Marc Collin <>:
> They don't see to know what they are trying to "fix" in the first place.
> How about reimplementations of Xorg that actually sucks less?
> Like for example (really far
> from being suckless, but looks like a start).

This is not a matter of just Wayland. A desktop environment (and,
generally speaking, any user experience on a gui) often may require
different and multiple input and output than kbd, mouse, monitor;
starting programs and video object programmatically, turning on
devices programmatically, 2D and 3D rendering,
X server at some point tried to do all these shit, then some projects
modernized and took out pieces from X. So it's a matter of Wayland,
CUPS, SANE, libinput, udev, policykit, consolekit, pulseaudio,
The thoughtwork imho was good at the start, then every imbecile and
standard committee came to the battlefield. They have never been good
at mantaining well-functioning a bunch of video cards on unix, they
will behave very poorly at mantaining in a well-functioning state a
million types of personal computers with unix. It's too big of a task
as it is, and they lack of the common sense required to do it well...
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