[dev] [dwm] Colors with ANSI escapes for master

From: Antoine HOM <antoine.hom_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2015 18:22:47 +0100


I'm not sure this is the place for this but it seems close enough.
I discovered dwm a week ago but could not find any patch to add colors to
the status bar that would apply nicely on the master branch, so I created
one and just wanted to share it in case it might help someone.

This patch lets you define up to 256 colors that you can use with ANSI
escapes in virtually any text displayed by dwm (for example I also use the
color codes in the symbol of my layouts)

I also added a customization of the monocle layout symbol in case of
multiple windows because I ... needed it :D

It is located here:

The supported escapes are:

\033[30m to \033[37m - sets foreground color 0 to 7
\033[40m to \033[47m - sets background color 0 to 7

\033[38;5;0m to \033[38;5;255m - sets foreground color 0 to 255
\033[48;5;0m to \033[48;5;255m - sets background color 0 to 255

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