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From: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 13:10:02 +0100

Hi there,

2015-11-03 22:42 GMT+01:00, Christoph Lohmann <>:
> Greetings comrades,
> the web has grown to be a big pastebin of URIs and short‐living content.
> One good example for this are paste services which don’t guarantee any‐
> thing. I came to the idea of having a paste mailinglist: All history is
> stored, nothing will vanish and it’s easy to reference to pastes in his‐
> tory.
> What do you think of that idea?

Sometimes I think it's a bad idea, because spam, like, a lot of spam,
not caring about objections raised by Markus Teich.
Sometimes I think it's a good idea, because people who would subscribe
to that ML may read a lot of interesting tips and tricks by reading
other's pastes, a thing that on classical, HTTP-only pastebins you can
do poorly. May be even superior, on the user side, to Github gists.
Also, things like hacker gangs messages, doxes and whatnot, thanks to
three decades of automation solutions for emails, can get greater
attention without even send URLs to web "journalists"... Don't know if
that's a pro or a con.

In the end, whatever this will turn out, if you wish to, do it: you'll
learn something
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