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From: Matthew of Boswell <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 14:33:46 -0500

On Wed, 04 Nov 2015 17:26:28 +0100
Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:

> I consider e‐mail to be more suckless than the web, that’s why I’d
> pro‐ pose a mail solution.

I don't think that I'd want pastebin to email me with everyone's
paste; my hard drive would fill up so fast I'd have to quit email.

> This is just setting up a web paste service (like other
> proposals). There wouldn’t be something new. It’s easily done by
> serving hash‐based files in a directory via HTTP.

Wouldn't using a mailing list for this be mostly the same thing? Anyone
who's not subscribed to the paste mailing list would have to view the
archived posts in HTTP anyway... and unless we all run web servers on
our local machines, the pastes are centralized in the mail server.

It's an interesting idea. Please enlighten us as to how this wouldn't be
just "pastebin in email".

How about an example use case that demonstrates the superiority of this
idea? Something that beats a regular web paste service. Example:

1. I have a snippet of code (not a full program, etc.) that I want to
collaborate on. I can't paste it into IRC/instant message/web forum,
but I want people to be able to see it.

At this point, I can use my own public HTTP server, public FTP, etc. In
a group, I may be able to put the code onto a mailing list that we
happen to share (like

2. I paste it on a gist with "gist < myfile.c", etc.

3. I send the URL over IRC/IM/web forum.

4. Interested reader(s) open the link in a web browser or gist reader.

5. Optionally, someone sends back a URL with some proposed changes.

6. If it's worth saving long-term, we set it to never expire.

7. Years later, someone searching for a solution stumbles upon the IRC
log/forum and finds the linked paste.

Matt Boswell
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