Re: [dev] [dwm] 6.1 release

From: Brendan Desmond <>
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 20:43:44 -0500

On 2015-11-09, Hiltjo Posthuma wrote:
>Build improvements:
> - add $FREETYPELIBS and $FREETYPEINC, simpler to override
>(ports and *BSDs).

Hi Hiltjo, I noticed that in the latest release tarball from the Suckless web
site, the line referring to $FREETYPEINC for OpenBSD in is
uncommented, like so:

# freetype
FREETYPELIBS = -lfontconfig -lXft
FREETYPEINC = /usr/include/freetype2
# OpenBSD (uncomment)
FREETYPEINC = ${X11INC}/freetype2

Whereas in a recent git pull (from about 30 minutes ago), it is commented out
by default. Of course commenting it out fixes compilation errors in Linux, but
is this intended in release?

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