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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 12:18:58 -0600

Do you know if there are any binary editors that would allow you to input Unicode and other code pages in the right hand panel?


> On 2015-11-13, at 23:15, Random832 <> wrote:
> Greg Reagle <> writes:
>> I agree that it is a "poor man's" hex editor. I am having fun with it, even if
>> it is a toy. I don't have the desire to write a sophisticated hex editor
>> (besides they already exist).
>> I like that the small shell script can turn any editor into a hex editor. BTW,
>> if od is replaced with hexdump -C or xxd or GNU od -tx1z, then the ascii will
>> be in the dump too.
> It being in the dump isn't really "enough" - in a real hex editor, you
> can make changes on the ASCII side and expect them to be reflected in
> the hex side (and ultimately the binary file), whereas using xxd [etc]
> means the ASCII side is static and is ignored when read back in.
> This does have its place, though... It's basically an editor-portable
> version of the recipe that vim provides for using xxd to "edit" binary
> files. Which is itself a compelling enough use case for xxd to be
> included with vim in the first place (as far as I know xxd has no other
> vim-related purpose). But it's not a hex editor.
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