Re: [dev] [sent] 0.1 release

From: Nick <>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 10:19:08 +0000

Quoth hiro:
> >> presentations suck.
> >> and this shit here is worse than powerpoint cause i can't display it
> >> on someone else's computer.
> >
> > You can, even on Mac OS X and Windows. Sent should work there as well
> > using XQuartz and other goodies.
> Some people don't like to have shit of dubious quality installed on
> their machines by me. They trust me enough to open a powerpoint, but
> not enough to exercise crazy wizard hacker skills in crazy hacker
> terminal.

Indeed, there are times where you can't connect your own equipment
to a projector, and it's reasonable for other people to not want you
to install stuff on their computer (and in the case of MacOSX or
Windows, installing quite a bit of stuff to get to the point of
being able to compile and run sent).

I propose some masochist makes a little sent -> html convertor (with
a light sprinkling of javascript to advance to the next slide with
one keypress). It wouldn't be hard, but it also wouldn't be very
satisfying. But it would be useful.
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