[dev] dvtm: bug report: Mod-C

From: Greg Reagle <greg.reagle_AT_umbc.edu>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 06:59:58 -0500

Mod-C Create a new shell window using the current working directory of the
focused window.

This is mod key followed by capital C. For me it does the same things as mod
key followed by lower case c, i.e. it has no effect on the working directory of
the new client window.

For me this bug is reproducible without any effort--it never works.

I've debugged and found the source of the problem. Output of ps xf:

22958 pts/2 S 0:27 \_ ddd ./dvtm
22967 pts/5 Ss+ 0:06 | \_ gdb -q -fullname ./dvtm
25217 pts/5 t 0:00 | | \_ /home/greg/computer/apps/dvtm/dvtm
25231 pts/6 Ss 0:00 | | \_ /usr/bin/fish -c /usr/bin/fish
25245 pts/6 S+ 0:00 | | \_ /usr/bin/fish

The function getcwd_by_pid() in dvtm.c uses 25231 for c->pid. So dvtm considers
process 25231 to be the client of the window. But the cwd of 25231 never
changes. It is the cwd of 25245 that changes.

The only way I can think to solve this problem is to remove this extra level of
process spawning. I don't understand why dvtm does this, but I assume that
there is a good reason that I just don't understand.

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